Breaking into the K-12 EdTech Marketplace – Cream Rises to the Top

When looking into the future of K-12 EdTech, it can be beneficial to be reflective of the past.  The tried and true rises to the top, and you know it’s good before you even get a taste of it. The idea of offering a sound product or service at a reasonable cost and backing it up with great customer support is a win win for all parties involved. Not to mention, it is an idea that has stood the test of time. Following such a business model, trust is the cream that seals the deal.

The market is saturated.

The K-12 EdTech marketplace is saturated with new products, services and ventures.  While there are many opinions on how to resonate and profit in this marketplace, there are a few simple ideas that often get lost.  Keeping these simple ideas at the forefront may prove to be beneficial.

References are golden.

Networking is an ongoing process, both personally and professionally. As your network grows, your character becomes your flagship, representing your company integrity. Your clients talk, they have conversations and compare notes. They discuss what they use, why they use it, why they don’t use it, how it’s working, what kind of support you provide, and if you are accessible. As your reputation for your product and service grows, make sure it is reputable and strong, building your network of references to showcase to new clients.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and referrals!

Pilot programs are valuable.

The opportunity to share your product or service first-hand provides the hands on learning that benefits the end user. By letting them engage, touch and feel they get a sense of what you have to offer.  It’s also a great way to gather qualitative research and insights for improvement and positioning.  In the event that your pilot is not what the organization decides to purchase, you will have the ability to find out what and why it didn’t work. That’s your opportunity to keep a catalog of potential revisions to improve your product.

Endorsements make a difference.

Seek endorsements from professional education organizations. When administrators, teachers and procurement directors are pushed to the max and don’t have the necessary time, they look to the professional K-12 organizations to see who they recommend. The professional organizations often do a lot of the vetting, testing and comparing. This narrows down the field and speeds up the process for finding a solution.  Knowing that a professional organization has done much of the leg work, prospective clients trust their peers and those that are close to the industry.

Marketing outreach is a must.

Marketing to the K-12 sector is challenging.  Simply relying on organic  traffic will not suffice for building your brand.  It takes a good lead-generation program in addition to a solid brand reputation and value proposition to resonate.  Generating leads, building a prospect database and finding the right frequency and message is important.  There are many EdTech startups that simply don’t make it because they don’t have an outreach program and didn’t take the time to fill the sales and marketing pipeline with qualified leads.  

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Quality education products and services are relevant to reaching academic excellence for the students of tomorrow. Make sure your product or service is the cream that rises to the top.