The Benefits of MCH Data’s Analytic Services

Interested in MCH Data’s Analytic Services?

Contact MCH Data today to learn more about utilizing MCH’s analytic services to track and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. These analytic services from MCH Data can be very useful when planning future marketing campaigns. Here’s four of the tools MCH offers as part of its analytic services and the unique benefits of each:

  • ESP™ Profile: This profile is based on the business’ database of 5,000 or more customer transactions. This tool helps provide a business with detailed recommendations for future marketing campaigns by identifying the subsets of markets that are most valuable to that individual business.
  • Channel_e™ Profile: This profile helps reveal the prospects that are most likely to respond to others. This part of MCH Data’s analytic services helps a business learn who the target audience is based on past behavior so it can appropriately adjust its marketing strategy.
  • Channel_e™ Enhanced Report: This profile provides in-depth information about which offers and markets are most responsive. With information on opens, clicks, and other metrics, businesses can perform in-depth market research analysis when they trust MCH Data’s analytic services.
  • Matchback: This tool is name and campaign oriented to identify customers or cumulative transactions to give a business an idea of who the best buyers are by listing segments. Businesses can use this tool to identify the highest responding segments of a particular campaign, especially when the business build marketing databases for a particular season.

Contact MCH Data today for effective analytic services

These unique analytic services offered by MCH Data can help businesses immensely toward implementing even more effective marketing campaigns. To read more information about each tool, please click here. MCH believes that looking back on information from past campaigns is the best way to learn which methods and strategies are most effective, and MCH’s analytic services accomplish just that. To get started with a free quote from MCH Data for these unique analytic services, please click here.