How To Analyze Your Email Marketing Lists for the Best Performance

You’ve Gathered an Email Marketing List…Now What?

Before beginning your next marketing campaign, it’s essential to analyze your email marketing lists to achieve the best possible performance. If you’re like most companies, your email marketing list is most likely compiled from many different sources: online customer inquiries, online professional networks such as LinkedIn, previous business transactions, and lead generators. With so many different businesses, individuals, industries, and job functions contained in one marketing list, how can you be sure that your marketing campaign efforts will be targeting those who are most likely to respond to your offers?

Analyze Your Email Marketing List with a Channel_e Profile

MCH Data offers many tools to help you analyze your marketing lists to create effective campaigns. One of these tools is the Channel_e Profile. The two main goals of the Channel_e Profile are to identify hidden markets that may be interested in your offers and to analyze your marketing list to find the segments that may be most likely to interact with your campaign.

Your email marketing list will be matched against the entire MCH Data database to create your personalized Channel_e Profile. The Channel_e Profile will display the number of profiles in your marketing list that matched with MCH’s database as well as the additional profiles available to you through MCH Data. The Channel_e Profile will also sort the profiles in your current email marketing list by institution type and job function for even more specific results.

To view a demonstration of how the Channel_e Profile works, please click here. The log-in information is already populated, so just press “Submit” to see the demonstration.

The Channel_e Reverse Append option allows MCH Data to provide additional information for each of the profiles matched within your current email marketing lists. This information can include contact name, job function, institution name, mailing address and phone number.

For more information about the MCH Data Channel_e Profile and other ways to analyze your email marketing lists, please contact MCH Data.