Amy Rambo Named President of MCH Strategic Data


MCH Strategic Data announced today that Amy Rambo has been selected to succeed John F. Hood as President.

Rambo brings over 20 years’ experience in information technology, project management, operational leadership, and strategic planning. Currently MCH’s Vice President of Operations, she leads the Information Technology, Research Compilation, Product Development and Fulfillment departments. Prior to joining MCH as Director of Information Technology in 2006, Rambo held various leadership positions at Layered Technology (previously GSI, Inc.) and DST Systems.

“It has become increasingly clear that winning the future requires solutions to data challenges in addition to delivering top-quality data,” said Peter Long, MCH’s CEO. “Amy’s strong technical skills and end-to-end knowledge of the MCH business — coupled with her ability to lead strong teams and drive aggressive schedules — make her the logical choice to lead these types of changes.”

According to Long, Rambo played an instrumental role when MCH completely redesigned its data compilation process. “We used to verify education data annually, and now we replace it with complete updates every 20 days, resulting in 60 million name verifications of our education data each year. No one comes close to this in the marketplace, and it gives MCH such a strategic advantage over the competition. The companies testing us are seeing solid improvements in response—we’re winning the future one test at a time.”

“MCH’s data quality and real-time aggregation processes have set a new standard in the industry,” said Rambo. “We now find ourselves in a great strategic position to lead the marketplace, and it is so exciting to be part of this fast growth process. I’m honored to serve as the next President of MCH.”

“MCH is experiencing the strongest growth we’ve seen in years,” Rambo continued. “It’s not surprising with products like Infinite Access, the most powerful cloud-based educational marketing tool available; our Monitored Districts and Schools data, which sets the bar for freshness and accuracy; and our growing client list of Fortune 1000 companies. We also have some exciting product and partnership announcements coming up in 2016.”

As President, Rambo will guide the overall direction of MCH by leading and implementing the organization’s vision, mission and strategic plan. Rambo will succeed Hood as President of MCH Strategic Data effective January 1, 2016.

About MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data compiles comprehensive K-12 marketing databases, and provides email, direct mail, telemarketing, online, social media, and geospatial marketing solutions focused on more than five million K-12 educators. With the launch of Infinite Access and Monitor Service, MCH is the unparalleled provider of solutions for education sales and marketing. The Sweet Springs, MO company focuses on business-to-institution markets, includes government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, and churches. For more information, visit