Accurate Marketing Lists for K-12 Schools

Marketers in need of incredibly accurate marketing lists for K-12 schools can turn to MCH Strategic Data

classroom-824120_640MCH Strategic Data is proud to provide clients with fresh, accurate marketing lists for K-12 schools across the United States. Marketers who wish to spend their budget wisely can count on receiving the most accurate data from MCH, as the Education Database is constantly refreshed and updated with new data and information, while outdated data is purged. From the Education Database, marketers can create incredibly accurate marketing lists for K-12 schools, designed to meet, and exceed, the campaign’s goals.

MCH Strategic Data’s education data can be sorted in a variety of ways in order to create targeted marketing lists for K-12 schools. A few of the factors for sorting include: teachers by subject taught, teachers by grade taught, teachers by degree obtained, schools and school districts by size, schools by funding (private, public, Catholic), and by other school staff such as librarians or coaches.

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