Accurate Geospatial Data Services

MCH Strategic Data provides accurate geospatial data services within its databases

MCH Strategic Data, a nationwide compiler of data on institutions like education, healthcare, government, and religion, offers accurate geospatial data services as a standard part of all databases. Within each database, accurate latitude and longitude coordinates are available as well as the degree of accuracy from rooftop, to street site, to streets for all points on the database. These geospatial data services are utilized by emergency services in order to locate captive populations and identify structures in case of disaster or emergency.

For example, emergency respondents utilizing MCH Strategic Data’s accurate geospatial data services could identify hospitals, nursing homes, and other buildings in the event of a massive flood, or when standard mapping capabilities become impossible. Using geocoded points, emergency services can “see” where institutions are located with MCH Strategic Data’s accurate geospatial data services.

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