Rock Solid Data Strategy

Would you build a house on shaky foundation?

Of course not! So, why would you build a marketing campaign on shaky data?  Sales and marketing professionals need to listen to what their customers want and stop assuming they know the answers. If they don’t, they are building plans on a foundation that is bound to crumble.

Finding value in a plethora of data among various sources is not easy. It’s a matter of combining the art and science of marketing in a way that inspires action. Below are a few helpful tips on how data can improve the foundation of your sales and marketing efforts:

  1. Develop customer personas:

    A persona puts a name and a face to numbers. Demographics, lifestyle characteristics, responses and behaviors and even past purchases are brought to life in a way that inspires compassion and empathy.  It’s much easier to relate to a person than to numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s much easier to create a more customer-friendly journey when you are creating for a person rather than a set of numbers.

  2. Seek feedback regularly:

    It’s important to listen to customer feedback on an ongoing basis. In a rapidly changing environment, a new product or service can come into the market and disrupt sales.  Having a pulse on what customers want and being able to adapt products and pricing to meet their needs is necessary.

  3. Tailor messages to the customer journey:

    Understand where customers are in their journey, and tailor messages accordingly. For example, if someone is in the research gathering stage, your messages should provide them with a compelling value proposition. If they are in the decision-making stage, you may want to entice them with a special offer to buy now.

Bottom line, you can’t build a successful sales and marketing strategy on a shaky data foundation. Start with the right data and build upon what you have. Learn to draw insights, illustrate insights and create compelling value propositions.