2017 MCH Principals' Assessment of Education

2017 School Calendar

Reaching educators and district decision makers can be a challenge. Even the most enticing offers can get lost if they happen to hit the inbox during a time when school is not in session. Smart marketers know that timing can make or break your ability to reach the right people.  Let MCH help you reach your audience when and where they will be most receptive.

Three Tips on Evaluating Data

If you are a marketer, you are surrounded by data. Response data, compiled data, data that you purchase and data that is acquired organically. It’s easy to make an assumption that the size of your database has a direct correlation on marketing effectiveness. In many cases, this is far from the truth. Quality matters. And knowing how to evaluate quality is an important trait of an effective marketer.

Tips for Building a Loyalty Strategy for the Institutional Market

Marketing to the institutional market, whether it be government, healthcare, education or religion, is difficult. It’s not even comparable to your traditional B2B approach. Institutions are different. Finding the right person to contact, who can make a decision, requires a mindful, skilled approach. A significant amount of time, resources and accuracy is a common formula used to successfully acquire new customers. So, it’s no surprise that nurturing, growing and keeping them is critical for driving and maintaining profits. A loyalty strategy can set your company apart from the competition while reducing churn and growing sales.

Email is the Anchor to K-12 Integrated Marketing

Quality and accurate email can power your integrated marketing programs.  See how an accurate email address can fuel social media campaigns and more.