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The MCH local government database includes City Government and County Government institutions located at City Halls and County Courthouses throughout the U.S. We also compile local government decision makers in more than 60 job functions including Parks & Rec Directors.

Marketers need to apply precise strategies when marketing to these institutions including consideration of fiscal year end, population score, geographical location, and more. In addition, City and County Government mailing addresses are covered by our GetThere™ Guarantee.

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City & County Government Offices

Description Total
Total Institutions 73,073
Total Phone 71,803
Updated 02/13/2017

Government Departments

Description Count
  Clerks Office 28,123
  Managers Office 9,600
  Coroners Office 1,654
  County Commissioners Office 2,895
  Elections Department 3,691
  Human Resources Department 4,366
  Information Technology Department 2,728
  Mayors Office 27,676
  Public Information Department 1,044
  Risk Department 1,523
  Veterans Affairs Department 1,929
  Community Development
  Ag Commission Department 67
  Building Officials Office 8,643
  Community Development Department 2,317
  Development Services Department 606
  Economic Development Department 2,230
  Engineering Office 4,396
  Housing Department 822
  Industrial Authority Department 35
  Land Department 326
  Planning Department 5,733
  Recorders Office 2,419
  Registrars Office 1,396
  Zoning Department 8,276
  Assessors Office 8,316
  Auditors Office 3,744
  Budget Department 1,230
  Finance Department 7,211
  Grants Department 356
  Purchasing Department 2,863
  Tax Collectors Office 7,216
  Treasurers Department 17,687
  Attorneys Office 16,037
  Court Clerks Office 6,493
  District Attorneys Office 1,130
  Presiding Judges Office 7,721
  Probate Office 688
  Probation Office 618
  Prosecuting Attorneys Office 1,821
  Public Defenders Office 576
  Public Service
  Animal Control Department 2,473
  Department of Aging 863
  Emergency Services Department 6,017
  Family Services Department 175
  Health Department 2,766
  Parks and Rec Department 14,484
  Public Safety Coordinator Office 1,230
  Welfare Department 1,211
  Public Works
  Aviation Department 882
  GIS Department 1,280
  Pollution Control Department 745
  Public Works Department 9,949
  Roads and Bridges Department 1,386
  Street Department 8,393
  Surveyors Office 561
  Transportation Department 610
  Utilities Department 2,343
  Water Department 5,540
  Weed Superintendents Office 501
Updated 02/13/2017

Location of Government Institutions

Description Count
Location of Institutions
  Located At City Hall 27,506
  Located at Courthouse 9,098
Updated 02/13/2017

Type of Government Office

Description Count
Type of Institution
  City Hall 29,043
  County Courthouse 3,102
Updated 02/13/2017

Level of Government

Description Count
Level of Government
  City 45,030
  County 28,362
Updated 02/13/2017

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