MCH Fire Departments & Ambulance Services Data

MCH’s Fire Department marketing database includes postal addresses and telephone numbers for Fire Chiefs at more than 36,000 locations. Marketers can also target Fire Departments based on whether they are paid, volunteer, or a combination of the two.

The Ambulance Services marketing database includes postal addresses and telephone numbers for more than 15,000 Ambulance Directors. Marketers can also select Ambulance Services based on number of responders, number of employees, and whether air ambulance services are offered.

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Fire Departments & Ambulance Services

Description Total
Total Institutions 52,933
Total Phone 52,401
Updated 02/13/2017

Fire and Ambulance Personnel

Job Title Institution Address Email Address
Ambulance Director 16,836 5,447
Emergency Services Director 1,655 891
Fire Chief 44,405 14,436
Updated 02/13/2017

Type of Institution - Fire and Ambulance

Description Count
Type of Institution
  Ambulance Service 18,628
  Fire Department 45,200
  Other Emergency Response 31,490
Updated 02/13/2017

Type of Services/Departments - Fire Department/Ambulance Services

Description Count
Types of Services/Departments
  Air Ambulances 709
  Combination Fire Depts 8,135
  EMS 33,767
  Paid Fire Depts 11,527
  Volunteer Fire Depts 25,071
Updated 02/13/2017

Type of Fire Department/Ambulance Services Facility

Description Count
Type of Facility
  Administrative Office 11,390
  Ambulance Main Office 10,811
  Ambulance Sub-Station 6,803
  Fire Department Main Station 30,827
  Fire Department Sub-Station 13,694
Updated 02/13/2017

Ambulance Services Operated by Hospital

Ambulance Services Operated by Hospital
  Operated by Hospital 1,097
Updated 02/13/2017

Location - Fire Department/Ambulance Services

Description Count
  at Fire Department 10,647
  at Hospitals 668
  at Police Department 193
  Free Standing Ambulance Services 11,759
  Other 0
Updated 02/13/2017

Number of Responders - Fire Department/Ambulance Services

Description Count
Number of Responders Code
  Very Small (0-15) 7,298
  Small (16-20) 5,671
  Medium (21-30) 9,661
  Large (31-50) 6,936
  Very Large (51+) 4,529
Updated 02/13/2017

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