Community Health Center Marketing Database from MCH

MCH’s Community Health Center marketing database includes personal names, postal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers for Directors and Medical Directors. Community Health Center mailing addresses are covered by our GetThere™ Guarantee.

Community Health Centers

Description Total
Total Institutions 6,741
Total Phone 6,740
Updated 02/13/2017

Community Health Center Personnel

Job Title Health Center Address Email Address
Director 5,474 884
Medical Director 4,050 538
Updated 02/13/2017

Primary Funding Source - Community Health Center

Description Count
Primary Funding Source
  Private 0
  Public 6,741
Updated 02/13/2017

Type of Degree - Community Health Center

Description Count
Type of Degree
  BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing 11
  DDS-Doctor of Dental Surgery 97
  DMD-Doctor of Dental Medicine 36
  DO-Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 31
  LPN-Licensed Practical Nurse 3
  MD-Medical Doctor 4,168
  NP-Nurse Practitioner 42
  RN-Registered Nurse 141
Updated 02/13/2017

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