Making the Most of Your Email Marketing in 2017

Email continues to be an integral channel in 2017. However, like with any medium, there are always ways to improve results. The days of “spray and pray” emailing are long behind us, replaced by account-based marketing and one-to-one messaging.  Customers and prospects expect you to know them and understand them and provide a good user … Read More

From the Principals’ Perspective

It is no surprise to anyone who works closely with school districts that most still find that their budgets do not stretch far enough. Our annual survey of K-12 principals confirmed that again this year. However, the survey also allows us to spot early trends and anticipate the impact of changing conditions and circumstances in … Read More

Trends in High School Dropout Rates

Trends in High School Dropout Rates. Much attention is currently being paid to preparing students for college and career success. Dropping out of high school has a range of negative outcomes ranging from diminished lifetime earnings to a greater propensity to land in prison. A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) … Read More

New Study: Principals Work 60-Hour Workweek

School principals work an average of 60 hours per week, with many principals in high-poverty schools logging additional hours. A new study by the Federal Regional Education Laboratory (REL) for Northeast and Islands quotes a Michigan elementary principal who says that being a principal is not a job; “it’s a lifestyle.”   How Do Principals … Read More

Highlights from NMC/CoSN K-12 Horizon Report

2016 report examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on teaching, learning and creative inquiry in schools. An annual consideration of the trends and technologies that will drive educational change in the future, this year’s Horizon Report identifies six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in edtech that are evaluated in the … Read More

The Broadband Imperative II: Equitable Access for Learning

Building on its previous work, SETDA’s new report focuses on the current state of schools’ connectivity and the steps required to support current and future digital needs for students both in and out of school. The research was conducted in partnership with state level educators such as CIOs and state network managers, E-rate coordinators and … Read More

How MCH’s healthcare data helped determine the “Best Places to Live”.

Money Magazine just published their highly anticipated report of 50 Best Places to Live. Our customer, Onboard Informatics, partnered with Money Magazine to analyze important data points to determine these rankings. “MCH Strategic Data has been a great partner for’s “Best Places to Live” feature, supplying hospital, and doctor count and education data. The … Read More