Rock Solid Data Strategy

Would you build a house on shaky foundation? Of course not! So, why would you build a marketing campaign on shaky data?  Sales and marketing professionals need to listen to what their customers want and stop assuming they know the answers. If they don’t, they are building plans on a foundation that is bound to … Read More

Marketing Sandwich

The other day I got an email from someone I did not know.  It had a catchy subject line that piqued my interest so I opened it to find out more.  Once I started reading however, the message completely missed the mark for me. Even though the content was short and to the point, they … Read More

Institutional Spending on the Rise: Increases in 41 States

The recent NASBO State Expenditure Report shows that due to the stronger economy, revenues have been increasing for state and federal entities. This has led to resurgence in funding for the institutions nationwide. Total state spending has climbed 4.7 percent for this fiscal year. Twenty two states have seen increases of at least 3 percent. … Read More

B2B marketing opportunities hidden by SIC classifications

The institutional part of the economy is not represented well by marketing databases based on the SIC classification system. One reason is that the services part of the economy has grown proportionately much more important since SICs were introduced in the 1930’s. In addition, SIC-based databases typically use the same metrics to describe all members … Read More