Trends in High School Dropout Rates

Trends in High School Dropout Rates. Much attention is currently being paid to preparing students for college and career success. Dropping out of high school has a range of negative outcomes ranging from diminished lifetime earnings to a greater propensity to land in prison. A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) … Read More

New Study: Principals Work 60-Hour Workweek

School principals work an average of 60 hours per week, with many principals in high-poverty schools logging additional hours. A new study by the Federal Regional Education Laboratory (REL) for Northeast and Islands quotes a Michigan elementary principal who says that being a principal is not a job; “it’s a lifestyle.”   How Do Principals … Read More

The Shifting Economic Landscape

In The State of American Jobs, the Pew Research Center highlights the changing nature of business skills and training required to be successful in the new economy, and asserts that the shifting economic landscape is reshaping how we work and the way people think about the skills they need to get ahead in the workplace. … Read More

Doctor Office Manager Lists Are Overlooked

Don’t Forget About Doctor Office Manager Lists. Doctor office manager lists? Most marketers want to go right for the doctors. However, we recommend directing an offer to the office manager at medical practices and dental practices. Why you ask? Well, that person has a large impact on purchasing decisions. First, MCH can help you decide what … Read More

Accurate School Email Marketing Databases for Your Campaign

Accurate school email marketing databases are essential to your campaign. School email marketing databases ? A campaign without an accurate database is like a house without support beams, walls and a roof. A strong campaign needs a strong database to ensure maximum performance. Maximum performance means targeting your audience and saturating your target market for … Read More

School Mailing Lists for Business Teachers

School Mailing Lists can increase your direct mail campaign effectiveness. School mailing lists for business teachers can help you generate a larger mail contact list. However, MCH Data goes a step further by allowing marketers to custom build their data. Business teachers can be broken down by job title – AP accounting teacher, economics teacher, marketing … Read More

Medical Marketing Lists Reach the Right Practice

MCH Data’s medical marketing lists reach the right practice for your target audience goals. Medical marketing lists are a necessity If you are selling health and medical supplies, newsletters, continuing education materials, furniture and office supplies or seminars to dentists and doctors. MCH Data has easily accessible, targeted and accurate information for your needs. MCH Data serves … Read More

The importance of using email as a prospecting tool

Messaging to professionals about your business is how email prospecting can be a very powerful addition to your overall marketing plan. It is OK to email prospects at their professional email addresses. As a professional email marketer for over 10 years, I recommend prospecting email as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The trick … Read More